Jim Elder

Ottawa, Canada


Diffraction pattern generated by a bright edge on an integrated circuit

Photography & Photomicrography

Photographic Reference Scale

LoCAte Focus Analyser (tool to measure focus and longitudinal chromatic aberration)

PGM File Viewer (viewer for PGM files made from RAW photos)

Adapters for afocal optical coupling (photos through microscopes, telescopes, binoculars)

Measuring resolution (eg., of a microscope or camera), using Airy pattern, FFT, MTF50

Review: MicroscopeNet V434B stereomicroscope

Review: Nikon Coolscan V slide scanner, VueScan software

Comparison of some Ottawa photofinishers (4x6 prints)

Notes on making multi-angle '3D' photographs (including javascript for Photoshop, web display)

Dynamic range of photographs

Characteristics of some cameras

Canon Rebel T3i/600D

Canon Rebel XT

Olympus TG-4

Canon SX700

Canon SX260

Canon A570

Canon A75