Jim Elder

Ottawa, Canada


Diffraction pattern generated by a bright edge on an integrated circuit

Photographic Reference Scale (include this easy-to-make object in your photos to provide scale)
LoCA Focus Analyser (tool to measure focus and longitudinal chromatic aberration)
Chromatic aberration simulator (longitudinal and lateral) (simulates the effects of chromatic aberration)
Creating and analysing the image of an inclined edge (how to use LoCA Focus Analyser)
Measuring resolution (eg., of a microscope or camera), using Airy pattern, FFT, MTF50.

Background information, including how many pixels a camera needs to capture a microscope image.

Airy method: Measuring the resolution of a stereomicroscope
FFT method: Measuring the resolution of a stereomicroscope
MTF method: Measuring the resolution of a stereomicroscope
Review: MicroscopeNet V434B stereomicroscope Review of a modestly-priced stereomicroscope
Synthetic edge image generator (makes an edge image with specified characteristics)
PGM file viewer (view contents of PGM image files, eg., as produced by dcraw)
Demosaicing: Constructing RGB pixels from a Bayer mosaic (how RGB pixels are created from raw file data)
Edge spread: LoCA Focus Analyser compared with QuickMTF (explores the relationship between edge spread and MFT)
Microscope and lens gallery (focus analysis of some stereomicroscopes and macro lenses)
Adapters for afocal optical coupling (photos through microscopes, telescopes, binoculars)
Review: Nikon Coolscan V slide scanner and VueScan software
Comparison of some Ottawa photofinishers (4x6 prints)
Notes on making multi-angle '3D' photographs (including javascript for Photoshop, web display)
Dynamic range of photographs

Characteristics of some cameras

Canon Rebel T3i/600D

Canon Rebel XT

Olympus TG-4

Canon SX700

Canon SX260

Canon A570

Canon A75