Dune migration at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, USA

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Locale: Coral Pink State Park, Utah, USA
GPS coordinates: 37.050954, -112.710554 (WGS84)

Figure 1 shows an animation of historic Google Earth imagery from 1997 to 2013 of a portion of the Coral Pink State Park dune field.

Fig 1. Animation of historic Google Earth imagery of a portion of the Coral Pink State Park dune field, from 1997 to 2013. Press Esc to stop animation.

Figure 2 shows Google Earth imagery from 2015, with the position of dune slipfaces marked by light and dark blue curves along well-defined brinks and toes (light and dark blue, respectively). White and yellow curves mark the position of similar brinks and toes, respectively, in 1997.

Over the span of the 18 years, dunes changed shape and sinuosity while generally migrating downwind at about 3 meters per year.

Fig 2. Position of dune slipfaces, 1997 vs 2015, at Coral Pink State Park. White/yellow curves mark brink/toes in 1997; blue/navy curves mark brink/toes in 2015. Scale bars show 100 meters, and the distance that would be traversed over the 18 year period at migration rate of 5 m/yr, ie., 18 * 5 = 90 m. Source: Google Earth