Jim Elder

Ottawa, Canada


Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley, USA

Geology: Sand & Dunes


Aeolian dunes and sandstone: Overview (intro, including animations)

Strata dip and thickness: True and apparent (including phone-compatible tools)

Numerical Models

Dune field morphology (model of migrating bedforms)

Model of stratigraphic bounding surfaces produced by migrating bedforms (stratigraphy)

Sampling dune sand (effect of sampling on grain-size distribution results)

Observations & Interpretations

Grainflow/avalanching, vortices, grainfall at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, USA (videos)

Grainflow/avalanching (video)

Thin sections of grainflow with pinstripes

Cornice deposit (grainfall lee of the brink)

Sand micrographs (photos of sand grains); stereogram of Navajo sand grains

Air flow in the lee of a dune (recirculation cell)

Grainflow (slipface avalanche deposits)

Cross-sectional profile of some avalanche tongues/troughs

Coral Pink Dunes State Park, Utah, USA:

Dune migration (analysis of Google Earth imagery)

Stoss slope trenches (internal dune structure)

Serial sections (image stacks for 3D reconstructions) of rock samples:

Kanab Goldenstone (Triassic Shinarump Formation; Utah USA)

Iron-oxide concretion A (Jurassic Navajo Sandstone; Utah USA)

Iron-oxide concretion B (Jurassic Navajo Sandstone; Utah USA)


Making pinstripe laminae visible in dry sand (a refinement of Bagnold's water seep method)

Measuring cross-sectional profiles of dune features (using the shadow of a straight-edge)

Detecting subsurface slipface shear (using a sand column of contrasting colour)

Making air flow visible (using simple streamers)

Making sand flow visible using an adapted Hele-Shaw cell

Measuring dip (eg., angle of repose)

Photographic reference scale (for scale, colour, and perspective)

Protecting photographic gear from blowing sand

Enhancing low-contrast photos (post-processing to improve visibility)

Serial sectioning to obtain images for 3D reconstruction (using a rock saw)

Particle analysis: Obtaining representative subsamples (spinning riffler)

Journal articles, conference posters

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Boundary between two sets of aeolian cross-strata, Paw Hole, Utah (Navajo Sandstone)