Video: Dry sand grainflows/avalanching

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The video is a compilation of clips of leeside activity (eg., grainflow, grainfall, traction) during high wind events at transverse dunes at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah, USA and Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Colorado, USA. It was part of an article that appeared in Sedimentary Geology in 2012 (referenced in the article as 'figure 9' but appearing in the Supplementary Materials):

Loope, D.B., Elder, J.F., and Sweeney, M.R., 2012, Downslope coarsening in aeolian grainflows of the Navajo Sandstone: Sedimentary Geology, v. 265-266, p. 156-162

The camera was protected by a plastic bag, exposing only a lens filter mount (which had a transparent filter). Sounds of sand grains hitting the bag (grainfall) are audible during the videos.

Fig 1. Compilation of video clips and still images of slipface activity during high wind on transverse dunes.